Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Women Wednesday

I have a slight obsession with clothes and often find myself searching European blogs for style ideas. One lady that I stumbled across is Ines De La Fressange. She's a French model, fashion designer and perfumer. She's so casually chic and put together in a way only the French can do. She seems to have an almost careless attitude to fashion as if she just threw on what was available and it just happens to look good on her. The reality is more than she knows what suits her and as a result she has a working formula to avoid her outfits wearing her.

I used to hate blazer and the way they looked on me, now I can't get enough of them especially if they are in velvet. I own a vintage brown velvet one but would love an forest green version like above or even a sapphire one.  As long as there's a pop of color, the look can't be boring.

Everyone need a classic black dress and the above dress is quite timeless. The make up and gloves make it look a bit more exciting but the cut along with the stockings and flats are timeless and classic. I think everyone woman should have a perfect little black dress that suits them from their 20's through to their 50's. 

I have mentioned my love for over the knee boots and I adore the texture and color of these ones. 

I own a few bowed blouses but am too afraid to wear them in case I look too 'librarian' or silly. Ines makes it work very well and I think I may just haul my blue one for work tomorrow. I also have quite a few berets and think they look so gorgeous on a pretty women. However I often don't wear them in fear of looking like I'm trying too hard or costumey (not sure that's a real word but it gets my point across.) 

Blazer, straight legged pants and a belt to define the waist. Very feminine and classic and can be dressed up by good quality leather shoes, handbag and some striking jewelry.

The white and navy combination always works and looks great regardless of age or shape. I think too often people fall back onto black clothes and bad quality can show through in a all black outfit. Navy blue is very flattering to all women and worn with white or cream, looks crisp.

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