Thursday, March 19, 2015

Catherine Deneuve

This beautiful French actress is one of my favorite glamorous icons. My favorite film with her in is called 8 Women and is a dark musical comedy that revolves around eight women during Christmas in the 1950s. Very beautiful done with some stunning costumes.

A truly elegant woman, she always looks like a lady who is well groomed and very much together. 
Below are some of my favorite outfits and hairstyles of hers.

I was once told that red lipstick and animal print together is only for old ladies and prostitutes. At the time I was wearing both and felt quite embarrassed to be put down so nastily. But as the image below shows, that is totally wrong. Its a strong image of a confident woman and Catherine pulls it off beautifully.

I LOVE stripes! I do't know why but I adore them. If only we could all look as good in them.

Bright colour with very few accessories so that the dress speaks for itself.

I know smoking isn't cool but...

The humble trench coat :) Something that all my fashion icons have in common. I have a beige one but looking at these pictures makes me want to rush out and buy ones in navy and black as well.

Even though I'm not great with long hair, I really wish my hair was long enough to put it into a dramatic bun like this. Also quite like the severity of the black dress with white collar.

Very much a 'don't mess with me' image. Quite like the big labels on the coat and sixties style hair.

Lately I'm very keen on masculine clothes or fashion on women so this image is beautiful.

Parting shot: Beautiful women never really look old.

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