Monday, March 9, 2015

Beautiful South Africa

Let me start off by saying that I have a 'mild' (some might say serious) case of wanderlust and a inability to settle in one place. Since leaving school, I have bounced around the world unable to find 'home' in one place. 

In  December 2011, I came back to South Africa and took up a job in Cape Town. I thought I'd be here a year or two and back onto the next country in no time. Now I'm entering my fourth year at my work and thinking about the prospect of buying a flat in Cape Town. Cape Town is ticking every box at the moment for me and the one thing that I'm always grateful for is the stunning scenery that I am surrounded by. I may still move away someday (never say never) but right now I'm thrilled to call Cape Town my home :)

All the pictures below are mine unless stated.


Breathtaking views at Saturday Farmer's markets

Colorful homes filled with history

Fresh fish at seaside restaurants 

Historical buildings with lions that overlook the city

Hikes that give you a view that makes you grateful to live in South Africa

Quaint seaside villages

And finally...sunsets that look like watercolor paintings

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