Monday, March 30, 2015

Dreaming of the World

Nothing gets me more excited than the idea of traveling somewhere exotic, fun and new. In a few days time , I'll be on Easter vacation for a week and I really need it. My immediate plans to recoup my energy are to hibernate in my flat for the first day with some good soups, decent wine and lots of series and books. What I often end up doing is sitting with my travel diaries (I try to make one of each trip) and relive the memories. Then I start plotting how much I need to revisit the country and when I'll go and who will accompany me...then I realize I'm a teacher and it won't happen too soon hahahaha. No harm in dreaming :)
So here is my travel bucket list:

1. Disneyland

A friend of mine has just gone with her family to Disneyland and I am SUPER jelly of her. This is very high on my to-do- list and I really want to explore all Disney has to offer with some of the younger members of the family. We never really grow up and why should we? Definitely not in the world's Happiest Place!

2. India

In the last year, many friends have visited India. Some loved it and others loathed it but regardless everyone came back with vivid memories and experiences. I want that, I feel like I need to have seen what they have all described, and feel it all myself. Land of vibrant colors and extremes, I think India is a country that will change you forever.

3. Greece

This country is not just on my list because of Mamma Mia, although that film did help stoke the fire ;) If I think of a warm, friendly summery place to visit with great food, I think of Greece. It's not just about the beaches though, lots of beautiful ruins and buildings that are steeped in history, all leaving you in awe.

4. Italy

A country with a rich history and a love for beautiful things set against diverse backgrounds. I would like to start in Rome which, to my mind, seems like a giant, vibrant museum with ever changing characters riding around on mopeds like in a old black and white film. Glamorous people eating pasta and pizza in the piazza in Venice , the city on water, would be my next stop and from there, the Italian wouldn't see me for months :)

5. Japan

Japan seems very multifaceted to me, a happy and colorful blend of old and new world. The cities are lit up 24/7 by fluorescent lights and street fashion that'll blow your mind and still you can find peaceful areas with ancient temples, large Buddha statues and cherry blossoms coating the streets in a pale pink cloth.

And each time I visited a place on my bucket-list, I'll replace it with something else. The world is wide, wide, wide!

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