Monday, March 23, 2015

Exposed Cupboards

Something that I've been seeing in decor magazines and blogs are kitchens that have open shelving. At first when I saw these images, all I could think of was the many kitchens that I worked in as a teen and young adult before I started my degree. Slowly though, they have grown on me. Now I think it is a lovely way to display those delicate heirlooms that you got from your Great Aunt Martha or that pretty collection of Turkish glassware. If you have lovely things, then they should be displayed otherwise it is a complete waste of some fine china.  As I rent I can't really put these ideas into action but I can dream about my future home ;) Enjoy the images I've found that best show off this trend.

Dark shelves with contrasting crockery is quite striking.

Such a calm and serene kitchen with a muted palette and limited color range. Screams sophisticated and elegant. 

I love this one, all the different colors and patterns are neatly placed next to each other and instead of clashing, they complement each other. Its probably more likely that people have mismatched crockery and glasses than all one color...

I really love this idea to make your kitchen an extension of your style. I'm not super keen on the wallpapers used above but I like the idea of using a print that peaks out from behind whatever you have in your cupboards. For those creative individuals, it's also possible to paint an image behind and make it truly unique.

Although I'd love to embrace a minimalist look, it's not something I'm able to maintain. The last three images above are simple and beautiful in their simplicity. They are a minimalist look that I could possibly achieve :)

And last stunning image:


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