Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Design Indaba

At the beginning of the month, some friends and I went to the Design Indaba Expo. Held every year at the CTICC, it highlights some of Africa's creativity in different areas. Last year I was a bit disappointed as it seemed a lot of the wares on display had already been seen, a bit of a rehash of 2013 (to me at least but those in the know would probably disagree).
This year was GREAT! There was so much to see and I had to say I was tempted to buy buy buy. As always the jewellery aisles caught my imagination. The following designers were my favorites.

Simone Toerien and her brand, Folkloriikka

How beautiful are these rings? 
If you know someone who would love these, then pop by her website: http://folkloriikka.co.za/

Amy Sinovich and her brand, Resonatebyamy

This cityscape ring above is my favorite! Very unique

To see more of Amy's work, go to: https://resonatebyamy.wordpress.com/

Famke Koene and her brand, Famke 

Anyone who knows me, is aware of my skeleton obsession. So the necklace above is perfection to me.

The pictures above are from: http://famke.co.za/ this is the same place that you can see more of her work and order for someone special...or yourself ;)

Below are some images taken by me of some of the beautiful things I saw. I wish I'd taken more pictures but I'm still a bit shy about whipping out the camera

Print of a piece by Shaun Swainland

 I was pretty good about not spending stacks of money, being a bit broke this month  helps with 
that ;) However last year I spotted some bags by Five Past Five Design under the label of Navarre & Marchand. I bought the Baguette, which is a small bag with just enough room for my phone, some cash, cards, lipbalm and my keys. They come in fours colors and each color has their own icon in the front. The red has the rhino, blue is the dachshund (this is the one I bought),  yellow is a heart and green is Africa.

Above are two pictures of my bag, taken by a friend Anne McLaren :) 

The images below are from their website and you can also place orders through here:
http://fivepastfivedesign.co.za/ The images on here are beautiful and I'm drooling over a few bags.

Looking forward to next year's Design Indaba.

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