Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Brigitte Bardot

If there is one type of style that most women want to mimic, it's the French style. One French woman who has been a style icon for decades (and is still copied by new generations coming through) is Brigitte Bardot. She's an actress, singer and fashion model who is now an animal rights activist. Herald as a sex symbol of the 50s and 60s, she was chosen as the face of Marianne (female face of liberty in France) in 1969. I can't say that I've ever seen her films or heard her music but her style, that I know.
She has a very comfortable, girly look that screams femininity. A look that celebrates being female.

Full skirts and tiny nipped in waists. The gingham print of the skirt makes this look fresh and summery.

I love stripes so this outfit is great for a summer holiday. And the stripes are going in the right direction with a dropped waist. Very flattering.

Quite like the matchy-matchy vibe of the handbag, boots and luggage with the skirt and cardigan. This is a clean and classic look that would definitely work today. I also quite like that her boots are over the knee so a little sexy but flat so it's not trashy.

Again, crisp in black suit and white top with statement sunglasses. An otherwise boring outfit looks alive with those quirky over-sized glasses. 

LOVE animal print! Always in fashion.

Brigitte really knew how to play to her assets, this time in another super feminine dress that has a full skirt and highlights her tiny waist.

Headbands, adore them, mainly cause they give me an extra day before I need to wash my hair. I like that she has matched her headband to her top and the color brings out the blonde hair that is very voluptuous at the back.

A bright colored full skirt and a simple white tee, such a clean and pretty look. Definitely a staple in my summer wardrobe.

Classic Brigitte Bardot look, Lots of long blonde hair, full beige colored lips and a smoky exaggerated eye. 

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