Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Musing

This week is a short working week for most people. Somehow Mondays seem easier to deal with when you know that Thursday becomes a Friday and there's an extra day in the weekend.

Last week I gave all my classes their first term marks. As usual many were happy (or relieved), some didn't care and a small amount were upset. I decided to spend some time with most of my classes talking about how we create our own lives. Listening to the responses made me realize that we often forget that we are the builders of our own lives and as a result we are responsible for the foundation on which we stand. So my final advice to all of my kids was to go in the direction which makes you most happy.

This past weekend I decided to get stuck into the stuff that clutters my home. Saturday went well and I have bags of stuff to pass onto various people. Sunday was another matter. I woke up intending to complete the tasks I set for myself on Saturday but then came across some books that I've read over and over again. The result was a Sunday spend on the couch reading and drinking coffee. Most productive Sunday in ages :)

Just don't have the flirting gene.

Always plotting the next adventure. Always!

Winter is coming! Slowly working my way through the books and love each one even more. Going to be so sad when the series ends. Took me ages to get over the Harry Potter books.

I think people are generally afraid of change. Being one of those people who craves it, this isn't really something I understand at all. I fully believe that we can change or walk away from something that makes us unhappy. I'm also of the opinion that sometimes holding onto a situation in the hopes that it'll get better is a backward step. It takes courage to move on and so far I've never regretted any decision or reason to go.

I like control. A lot! I like to have the final say and I like to plan almost every aspect of my life. I am not comfortable with chance at all. This is something that I'm trying to work on in my life. I am so serious about this that certain friends have permission to tell me when I'm being a control freak. Essentially I am trying to let God guide me more instead of me trying to guide myself. When there is a serious issue in my life, I try to calm my mind by praying or reading the Bible and give the issue to God. Its a work in progress.

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