Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I'm one of those women who loves painting her nails. Although I lean more towards strange colors and combinations rather than a straight forward manicure. This past week I've been spring cleaning my flat and throwing away anything that I no longer needed or used. My nail polish collection was in desperate need to be de-cluttered and I chucked away about 30 bottles that were old or ugly (3 full bottles of NEON yellow?!?). I found some glass containers from Clicks and now my collection of polishes, stickers and nail sponges are all safely packed away according to color, not sure how long that'll last though.
Thought it would be fun to show you my week of nails with the polishes used.

I started the week thinking of Autumn.

I love the Mavala range and this color, Electric Green, was a gift from a friend. At first I thought it was a bit too much but I always get compliments when I wear it so it's grown on me. The color you see above took 2 coats and it dries so quickly.The sparkly copper glitter color is by Accessories cosmetics (no name) and it took about 3 coats to get it the intensity that I wanted. 

Half way through the week I got bored and decided to do more girly nails. This Revlon polish called Innocent was found at the last Clicks Cosmetic sale for R45 , huge bargain as far as I'm concerned. This color pretty much goes with everything but can be a bit tame for me, so I added a gold swirly sticker also by Revlon. I'm sorry but can't remember the name of the products, I found the stickers in a Dollar store in the US over the December holidays.

To end my week, I looked to my polishes from my time in South Korea.

The purple polish is from a shop called Etude House and the cream is from the Face Shop, both amazing make up shops that I was obsessed with when I lived there. They don't have names on them but the cream colored one has the code BR801 if anyone wants to order them online. The Essie polish is called Parka Perfect and is probably my favorite from the week. In fact Essie is my go-to polish at all times. The quality is amazing and the most I've ever had to apply is 2 coats. It also dries really quickly.

All the pictures above are from my Instagram page: RamblingInsomniac

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