Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Women Wednesday

Olivia Palermo, this is a wardrobe that I'd love to have. She always looks put to get together and chic. Doesn't matter what the occasion or weather, she gets it right each and every time. I don't think I've ever seen her on a "Oh No" list at all. 
I think one of the main reasons that I like her so much is that she is pretty but not out of this world pretty. Also her outfits are often easy to try and copy in our day to day lives. So here are some of the outfits that I'll try and mimic in the upcoming chilly weather:

Fake fur looks comfy and expensive. I like a casual look like this, its not too casual that its boring or messy. 

It would probably never occur to me to put a hat on in the snow but this looks great! I am also feeling the need to invest in a pair of flat over the knee boots for this year.

I'm usually a color person and will wear stacks of colors all together but there is something very chic about an all black outfit.

I've noticed that she often wears shirts buttoned to the top under cardigans or sweaters. I've shied away from this because I've worried that I'll look a bit frumpy. The above picture makes me change my mind about it. It has a very clean and pristine look about it that's still comfortable and warm.

Love this! Knitted chunky scarf and double breasted jacket with leg slimming flares, all in lovely shades of brown :)

I don't really have the legs for leather pants but if I did, then this would be my winter uniform.

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