Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday Musings

Felt a little under the weather yesterday so I am just ignoring the fact that its Tuesday and doing my Monday inspirations today instead.

This has to be my go-to-mantra this year. I am someone who is so easily distracted by shiny things (foreign shores, new adventures) that I forget that the present is actually quite nice and I can be happy here.

I doubt that I'll ever get to 'perfection' but the older I am, the less I care about perfection and the more I care about the journey.

I have such a huge amount of respect for Paulo Coelho and his novels. My favorite is Veronika Decides To Die, which sounds awful judging by the title but is very thought provoking and sad.

This year I turn 33 years of age and the fact that I'm single seems to confuse people. Even more confusing is the fact that I don't have any huge desire to get married. So I have the situation where everyone knows an 'amazing single guy who is dying to find a wife and I am perfect for him.' All lovely guys but so far no fireworks.
In reality...I really just want an ugly dog and adventures all over the world. So give me Park Avenue instead...or Barcelona or Paris or London or Rio De Janeiro (you get the picture).

I was recently asked if I had a leopard print catsuit to lend someone for a fancy dress party. I was shocked that someone thought I owned something as crazy as that. However, after telling some mates about it, they all seem to agree that if anyone would wear an outfit like that it would apparently be me. With red lips, of course.

So trying to embrace my idea of 'neutral'

*all images are from Pinterest*

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