Monday, February 10, 2014

Little bit of 'lift me up' on a Monday

Ah Mondays! Not the most popular day of the week at all. I love my life and job but every Monday morning when that alarm goes... I want to hide under the cover and pretend it's a Sunday. 

At the beginning of this year I decided that I was taking back Mondays and now I start my mornings with some great coffee and words of inspiration. The themes tend to differ each week depending on what has happened (or what I know is about to happen). So here is my Monday morning in words :)

The following are inspiration sayings or advice that I've found all over the web:

Smart man Mr Wilde! We are surrounded by images of people all over social media outlets  partying and having a blast, understandably it's easy to get caught up in moments of FOMO. However I think it's important to spend time with yourself. After all, if you don't like being with you, who else will?

I'm an early bird and each morning I brew some coffee and go onto my balcony to drink it. Right now there are stacks of trees, flowers and butterflies in my view. Summer flowers often make me think that Mother Nature is happy.

This doesn't need any explanation ;)

Wise words! Women have curves, embrace them!

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