Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ballet buns

A few Sundays ago I was invited by a friend , Kerri, to visit Maynard to watch some ballet. Firstly I was so chuffed that she had asked me because I LOVE ballet. I am everything that a ballerina isn't and perhaps that is why I adore watching these graceful long limbed ladies float across the stage in pastel dresses.
So on a slightly cool Sunday night, I drew my shoulder length hair into a bun and put on my prettiest ballet pumps to go and appreciate some dancing. 
Kerri got together a lovely group of elegant ladies and despite a little threat of rain, had the most wonderful time. Personally I prefer classic pieces like Swan Lake but this evening I throughly enjoyed the piece on the Firebird. The costumes were loud and strange and the movements more free flowing but I was left inspired. I confess ignorance as to how old that particular ballet is. Must do some research on it.

Although we tried to sneak some pics of the show, they didn't come out very well. However I did take some pretty pictures before and after. 

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