Friday, April 24, 2015

Those things we really want but never need...

Last year I was told about and I wasted so many hours on that website. These are my favorite things that I intensely WANT but will never get because I do't need them. (Apparently this is acting like a responsible adult)

I don't even have a pool but if I did ;)

One with nature without having to be in nature.

Once a princess, always a princess

I love anything to do with Biology so this seems like a must have.

Cause when I yell at other drivers, they never hear me.

Too cute.

This would be great at a braai :)

All the items above are from

I have discovered recently and the website is causing the same problems for me as 'This is why I'm'

Below are my must haves.

And only R269! So reasonable for a walking, talking Dinosaur!

Bucketlist Scratch map, Genius!

Deluxe version as well

Evolution bookmarks, a conversation starter ;)

All the images above are from

Hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend and stays safe.

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